Disneyland, anyone?

When considering a family (or small group) trip to the happiest place on earth, consider all transportation options! Van Man Charters is licensed for Statewide travel, and Anaheim is about an 8 1/2 hours drive from Chico.

The minibus has room for up to 14; let’s compare to a rental van:

Van Man Charters, professional driver at your service with fuel and accommodations included. 4-5 day stay, $1400. Rental, you navigate your way down there and back. 5 day rental, after taxes and insurance, approximately $875 plus all fuel expenses.

Flying would be, after ground transportation¬† (use Van Man Charters to the Sac airport!) and all withstanding airport “formalities”, oh, about a day. Price comparison depends on how many plane tickets and other variables.

Limo, private jet? We wish.

Your own family car is the most immediate choice, and the cheapest. But only the family can decide if it’s worth the wear and tear, have enough space and comfort, willingness to drive, and all other factors. We at Van Man Charters hope you’ll consider all of your possibilities to make the best vacation to remember.


2 thoughts on “Disneyland, anyone?

  1. Travis Bennett

    We are trying to find the best way to transport our senior class to Disneyland for grad night. We have a senior class of only 20, and there will be 2-4 chaperones. I saw that you have a mini-bus that holds up to 25. The trip is only overnight and back the next day. How much would it approx cost us through your service? Thanks for your help!
    Travis Bennett

  2. Rachel C.

    Trying to charter a bus from Sacramento to Disneyland in June of 2013. Looking to leave on a Friday night, comeback Monday morning. The final numbers aren’t finalized yet but looking at about 60-85 students on the trip. Please reply with a price quote.

    Thank You,
    Rachel C.


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