Sonoma Beer Fest special

Sunday June 13th, enjoy a great beer fest with a dozen friends!                      $399 for minibus w/driver, includes tailgate & ice chest

Depart Chico 9:30 am, arrive beautiful Sonoma at noon

Enjoy no-host Beer Fest with live music and BBQ

Depart Sonoma 5 pm, back in Chico 7:30 pm

Sonoma lies in the heart of wine country, with rolling hills and mild weather. A quaint little town, Sonoma is also  known for the place of creation of the first “bear” flag of California, and as one of the last Spanish missionaries built. The missionary is open as a museum to the public.

There are many wine stores and art galleries right in the heart of the downtown plaza, also a very unique beer store with hundreds of varieties. The beer fest is at the city plaza, which has great shade trees and grass for picnicking. A beautiful, fun-filled event every year!

BOOKED 28 passenger bus still  available $999


2 thoughts on “Sonoma Beer Fest special

  1. Chuck Carter

    Thinking about taking family to SF Giants game June 22 for a 1:00PM game. Probably be 10 people.

    Considering two options: Option 1, leave Chico about 7:30am Saturday June 22, go to game, depart at the end of game and return to Chico same day; Option 2, leave Chico about 7:30am Saturday June 22, and drop off & SF hotel. Then return and pick us up at hotel on Sunday June 23, 12:00noon and bring us back to Chico.

    Is this something you could do?

    Thanks, Chuck Carter

    1. casey Post author

      Yes sir, this is what we do! 10 people and an ice chest is perfect for a ball game. Over nights are possible, too.
      The date, as of this writing, is still available. Call 530 520 4303, thank you!


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