Van Man Charters now offers a  van-pool service based in Chico, ideally serving Monday through Friday commuters to Oroville, Paradise, Yuba City, Marysville, and the North valley region.

Carpooling, or “ride sharing”, has obvious advantages, and vanpooling maximizes those benefits when there are between 5-12 people.  For those Chicoans who work in a larger company in another town, it might be an idea to post something on the bulletin board at work to see if  there are a handful of like-minded peers.

To form a van pool, we’ll need  minimum group size of 5 passengers; Van Man Charters doesn’t charge individual fares, so the flat rate for the group will be divided by the number of passengers…the more the merrier! Regular rates do not apply, a low special bid will be offered by the week or by continuing contract, and other variables such as mileage and times.

For a quote and for any questions, please speak with Casey at 530.520.4303


One thought on “Vanpool

  1. Lisa

    My boss and about 12 of his friends want to be taken to Irvine Finch Launch Ramp (River access Hamilton City) around 11:30 am and then picked up at Big Chico Creek River Access (washout) at 4:00pm on Saturday Aug 16th. The van would pick everyone up at 1184 8th Street Chico. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in and what the cost might be.
    Thank you,
    Lisa (530)966-9167


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